Dog Sled Tours

Dog Sled Tours

- Polarforskeren fra Ilulissat, Knud Rasmussen.


             "Give me winter; give me dogs; you can keep the rest."               
- the pioneering Artic explorer Knud Rasmussen from Ilulissat.  



You must try this at least once in your life. Most people who try dog sledding want only one thing afterwards. And that’s to try it again. Across the snow at a leisurely pace with panting, energetic dogs out in front and a knowledgeable sled driver as musher. There, from the sled, the world appears so white and so different.
We set out on shorter or longer trips from Ilulissat and Oqaatsut and get far off the beaten track in the white landscape.

Choose the length of trip:

  • Ilulissat - Oqaatsut or vice versa for 1 person:  DKK 995,-
  • 2 hours of dog sledding for 1 person: DKK 850,- (can only be held in Oqaatsut)
  • 2 hours of dog sledding for 2 person: DKK 1300,- (can only be held in Oqaatsut)
  • 3 hours of dog sledding for 1 person: DKK 1250,-
  • 3 hours of dog sledding for 2 person: DKK 1800,-
  •  5 hours of dog sledding from Ilulissat to Oqaatsut and return, including lunch in Restaurant H8 in Oqaatsut for 1 person: DKK 1.980,- 
  • One whole day of dog sledding for 1 person: DKK 1.795,-
  • Trip by dogsled to Ilulissat Ice Fjord, overnight accommodation in a hunting cabin or sled tent at the fjord, 2 days for 1 person:  DKK 3800,-
  • Warm clothes, rental:  DKK 250 per day.

You’ll be sitting quite still, so warm clothing is essential.

Difficulty: Easy to Medium. Some trips require you to be in good physical shape.

Due to changing snow and weather conditions cancellations or alterations to scheduled tours can occur. We have no control over the weather.