Evening trip to the Ice Fjord - Popular

We gather ten minutes before departure at the pontoon bridge by Halibut Greenland, where we also dock after the trip.

We sail to and from the port of Ilulissat by tour boat. The pace is unhurried, so we have ample opportunity to observe the gigantic icebergs, from their towering tops all the way down to the seabed. In places these enormous icebergs float in just 60 meters of water. Along the way, we recount the history of the town.

We pass by Kingigtoq and Sermermiut and sail further on to the mouth of the Ice Fjord. We turn off the engine so we can experience the deafening silence, broken only by the sound of seagulls and the thunderously exploding ice. Along the way we enjoy hot coffee or tea.

All in all, an evening in the majestic glow of nature, where we experience the colors and shapes of the floating icebergs and the ocean surface under an ever-changing sky. And, of course, we maintain a safe, respectful distance from the awe inspiring icebergs. Every true Iluliarmioq, as residents of Ilulissat are called, knows this to be the wisest course.

On our evening tour there is also a good chance of meeting seals and whales.

On the cruise to the Ice Fjord and back we’ll come across many small skiffs fishing for Greenland halibut, a locally popular and highly prized catch. We get close to and can observe at firsthand how fishing is carried out from these small boats.

Remember to pack plenty of film for your camera, fully-charged batteries and warm clothes, both summer and winter.

Difficulty: Easy
Maximum number of participants: 12

Price: DKK 650,-