Delicious local specialties
Eat shrimp, halibut and other delicious specialties at Restaurant H8, housed in an old warehouse.

The tiny settlement of Oqaatsut has its own small gourmet restaurant, H8, where you can enjoy Greenlandic cuisine. We like to think that dining here is an incomparable gastronomic experience.
Our fantastic chef ensures that our menus are all based on fresh

Greenlandic ingredients.
In season, the restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner guests.

- Lunch:    185.- dkk
- Dinner:   200.- dkk

NOTE: If you’d like to be sure of getting a table, please book in advance for lunch and dinner.

Theme evenings
The restaurant's talented chef also organizes various theme nights:

Grill Friday:
We grill one or more lambs in the open air and regularly receive guests from all round the Ilulissat area. You are more than welcome to join us.

Shellfish Saturday:
Our chef offers first class crab and snow crab accompanied by fine wines.

Restaurant H8

Restaurant H8