Authenticity and local knowledge
With North Greenland Adventure you’re in safe hands. We know every spot of land, we have a feel for winds and weather, for both storms and calms. Many of us have grown up in and around Ilulissat, while some of us still live in the settlement. One of our owners himself grew up in Oqaatsut, in the old trading station manager’s house, which he has transformed into Hotel Nordlys.

Memories to last a lifetime
We are sure that your visit to Greenland will be both captivating and surprising.
As our very own Ole Dorph says in this video below:
Whether you are born here or not, Greenland is fascinating“.

Want to drive a dogsled and experience the northern lights? Do you want to come close to ice in all its forms, study whales at play or come face to face with the pioneering settlers? Then contact us to discover the fantastic possibilities we offer! We can help with everything.

Special assignments
Are you the production chief of a film and research crew? Are you looking for good shooting locations or do you need to haul special equipment? Then contact us for more information.